ei Technologies

At our ei Technology center, our team of engineers utilizes cutting-edge software and technology to tailor engines specifically for your operation. We offer a wide range of services, including rapid prototyping, application testing, repairs, rebuilds, maintenance, and more. Count on us for quality and innovative solutions that meet your needs.

We understand the critical importance of meeting your application's requirements while staying within budget. Our engineering team is dedicated to assisting with the design and integration of all power packages, encompassing cooling systems to controls, utilizing the latest software and testing equipment. Whether modifying standard design configurations or providing complete custom solutions, we are committed to bringing your application ideas to life.

Designing & Prototyping

Our utilization of 3D solid modeling software enables rapid and efficient design and inspection of complex packaging, leading to cost reduction and improved quality. Working in a 3D design environment also allows our engineers and customers to better visualize the end product.

Testing & Validation

We utilize our three Taylor dynamometers and two load banks to validate every custom power unit package and generator that we develop. We can accurately test and measure engines up to 1500 hp and generators up to 1250 kW. This process helps to ensure that your package meets the manufacturer’s strict guidelines for engine application. We block load every generator set before it is shipped to ensure it is ready to make power at your business during an emergency or on the water in your vessel.

Service & Rebuild Department

Our skilled team has the ability to service engines from every manufacturer we represent whether at our location or yours. We offer complete engine rebuilds, overhauls, equipment refurbishment, and maintenance contracts to help improve your downtime.

Before delivery, we validate every engine package that leaves our facility to ensure all integrated components are programmed and communicating properly.

Application Review

An application review is a free service conducted by our Engineering Department. All OEM and most Marine packages are application tested to ensure the design and installation meet the manufacturer’s application standards.