1200 Series

1200 Series

  • 1200 Series

  • Peak output torque: 35,000 Nm (310,000 in-lb)
  • Peak Vertical Load: 240,000 N (54,000 lb)
  • Reduction ratios: 4.333:1 - 33.429:1


General Data

Peak vertical load240,000 N (54,000 lb)
Peak axle torque35,000 Nm (310,000 in-lb)
Oil capacity19 L (20 qt)
Flange to flange narrow1300 mm (51.18 in)
Flange to flange standard1700 mm (66.93 in)
Flange to flange wide1953 mm (76.89 in)
Approximate dry weight726 kg (1600 lb)

Differential Options

No-spin DIF-LOK 
Hydraulic DIF-LOK 


  • Inboard planetary final drive design

  • We can "custom build" an axle to your specific feature, torque and load requirements. Our building block design consists of twelve modules of varying sizes, load capacity, ratios and specifications.

  • The Final drives and Spiral Bevel gear set along with the structural components are designed for extreme applications

  • Application engineers ensure axle specifications meet your vehicle torque, load,and operating performance requirements